About me

Our aim is to support any type of organisation that works with and for multilingual children and families in and around Cambridge.

  • We believe that bilingual children need particular teaching approaches to learn their home language. Experience shows that neither first nor foreign language teaching approaches are appropriate
  • We recognise the specific challenges that teachers and parents face in passing their language on. Children develop identities different from their parents and teachers, and abilities in classes are extremely wide-spread
  • We strongly emphasize the equal value of every and any language and culture. Anyone who wants to start a group in their own language can get support from us

We are working with a wide range of group structures and support parent-led voluntary groups, charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO), Community Interest Companies (CIC) and businesses.

The support we offer:

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
  • Training sessions for teachers, for example on lesson planning, assessment, the English school system and curriculum, teaching techniques, special educational needs, differentiation, behaviour management, … 
  • Training sessions for leaders and teachers on curriculum development, insurance, safeguarding, first aid, …
  • Networking opportunities for managers, headteachers and teachers, in person, online and through WhatsApp
  • 1:1 support for new and established groups
  • Relevant news through a facebook page
  • Liaising with other organisations and initiatives and lobbying