Model Policies

Please see the Generic Safeguarding Policy for information about teaching online.

Policies and procedures are there to help you. Depending on the size and framework of your group or school they may be longer or shorter, give a lot of detail or just state your intentions, and you will have more or fewer or them.

Working with children, there is one piece of paper every group and school needs to have: A safeguarding statement or policy.

Any group or school that registered also by law needs to cover Health & Safety and Equal Opportunities even if you think you are not employing anyone. There is no overarching definition of ’employee’ between employment law, insurance etc, so sometimes your volunteers will count as employees. Also, Health & Safety and Equal Opportunities are not just for your teachers, but your children and families alike.

In the generic policies we try to guide you through the process of writing your own policy that is right for your group. The example policies are policies of some of our member schools. You will see how varied they are. We hope this demonstrates that you cannot just copy a policy, but you need to work on it to make it useful for your school and you need to own it.

Our sincere thanks to anyone who contributed. If you have a very short Safeguarding policy for a small unregistered group or more examples of a Health & Safety policy we would be grateful to receive them.

Writing Policies and Procedures


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Health & Safety

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

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Data Protection Policy

Behaviour/ Code of Conduct

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Complaints & Comments